goCount for Retail

camera counting people, who stopped against retail shelfWith goCount you can easily measure your traffic, calculate revenue to visitor ratio and increase your profits through marketing efforst optimization and effective staff motivation.

Count visitors, interested in a particular product
As you know, retail shelves is the most expensive space in the shop. Our product enables one to count customers, interested in a particular product, and measure time that they spent against it, so you can efficiently manage limited retail shelves space.
goCount enables you to collect visitor’s age and gender statistics. Stop paying marketing agencies for monitoring. goCount can keep an eye over your audience 24×7 with no additional costs.
Cloud reporting
Our product provides you with the cloud reporting system which allows creating different reports and time slices. It includes all the collected data for every device equipped with goCount. The reporting includes the number of views, gender and age distribution data fields in the time. It is accesible via any web-enabled device such as PC, iPhone, iPad,  Android, etc.