Digital Signage Audience Measurement

goCount is the solution for digital signage audience measurement, allowing you to count the number of views, gender and age distribution across the measured audience.

The application detects faces, does the anonymous face analysis and estimates a gender, an age and contact times for all your devices equipped with goCount software.

The collected statistics is stored in the cloud, and can be accessed via web dashboard with various reports. The goCount reporting system allows you to retrieve the number of contacts, gender information, and age distribution as the result of audience measurement. It generates different report types and time slices. The goCount web dashboard and reporting system can be accessed by PC, iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone.

Why do you need the audience measurement?

The level of revenue of any digital signage network depends on the following factors:

  • The Number of contacts
  • Merchantability or the level of trust to the advertiser claimed attendance

Let’s see how to the audience measurement allows you to change both factors in a positive way.

Maximum ROI on each screen

The main value of each advertising product is its audience. Therefore, advertising networks owners try to carefully choose the place to install the screens, trying to guess where the flow of visitors colud be higher. But without a reliable tool to measure the actual number of views it is difficult to do. Nearly identical objects may have completely different attendance due to peak hours, the special orientation of the screen, and other factors.

goCount allows you to track and count views 24 hours a day, seven days a week, carefully considering each peeking at the screen. Possessing this information, one can choose the best place to install and thus ensure maximum ROI on each monitor equipped with our solution.

Independent and real estimation of the number of views and the demography of the audience

Most owners of advertising platforms sells modelled views, citing various reasons for their ratings. Advertisers tend to be skeptical of these figures.

With goCount you can sell the verified views. Moreover, our product measures the proportion of visitors aged 18-55 years (most solvent group). As a result, the advertiser gets luxury accommodation: confirmed and audited views.

Fast return on investment in the audience measurement

The number of views of Digital Signage display can vary from 20 to 200 thousands, due to various factors. With our audience measurement solution, you could choose the most suitable place/location of your displays and increase the number of contacts by 5-10 times.  And goCount installations can be paid off many times the first month of use.